Das Brüel & Kjaer Psophometer 2429 ist ein kleines, jedoch hervorragendes Geräuschspannungsmessgerät für allgemeine Anwendungen. Sowohl ein Spitzenwert- als auch ein RMS Detektor ist eingebaut, ebenso 4 verschiedene Bewertungsfilter. Sowohl in der professionellen Studiotechnik als auch in der Telefontechnik ein nützliches und genaues Hilfsmittel.

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English translation of German description:
The Brüel & Kjaer Psophometer 2429 is a small size, general purpose instrument designed for normal psophometric measurements in accordance with CCITT P53 and CCIR 468-1. Generally speaking, psophometers are used to determine the subjective signal-to-noise ratio in communication channels where the information is received by the human ear. The psophometer type 2429 is extremely simple to operate and has both peak and RMS detectors and four different weighting networks built in. The amplification is calibrated and adjustable in 10 dB steps, which makes it suitable for use in set-ups where a calibrated amplifier with balanced input is needed. For this purpose AC and DC outputs are available.
  • Meets CCITT P53 and CCIR 468-1
  • Balanced input 600 ohms or > 10 kohms
  • Four built in weighting networks
  • Built in reference oscillator
  • Easy calibration in any attenuator position
  • Overload detector
  • High overload margin
  • Two meter rectifiers
  • Warning of illogical attenuator settings
  • AC and DC outputs
  • Disconnectable chassis and signal ground

  • Measurements on telephone circuits
  • Measurements on radio broadcasting equipment
  • Unweighted measurements with balanced input

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Brüel&Kjaer 2429

Maße/ Dimensions : 140mm (B/W) x 140mm (H/H) x 210mm (T/D)
Gewicht/ Weight: 3 kg

Geprüft / Fully tested:   446,25 INKLUSIV MWST / 375,00 NETTO
Gewährleistung: 1 Jahr
One Year Warranty

Ref. #: 0595118086 Brüel&Kjaer 2429
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