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Cascade Microtech
Fixed Pitch Compliant Probe (FPC)

Der Mikrotastkopf-Satz Typ FPC (Fixed Pitch Compliant Probe) von Cascade Microtech besteht aus
  • 1 x GS 500 (ground-signal Konfiguration; 500 µm)
  • 1 x GS 1000 (ground-signal Konfiguration; 1000 µm)
  • 1 x SG 1000 (signal-ground Konfiguration; 1000 µm)
  • Bandbreite: DC....20 GHz
  • Anstiegszeit: 20 ps
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English translation of German description:
The FPC-series Fixed-Pitch Compliant Probes offered here are a high-frequency, 50-ohms coaxial probe which offer a signal line with either one or two low-inductance fixed-pitch ground contacts. The probes tip structure is lithographically-defined for unsurpassed impedance control, preserving the highest integrity possible in launching and receiving signals from SMT boards, hybrids and MCMs.
Precision manufacturing produces excellent pitch accuracy and alignment of the ground contacts and signal line. The flexible contacts are compliant over several mils of topography. The FPC provides increased electrical performance for applications having test points with adjacent grounds. These applications include IC package and interconnect characterization, RF module signal insertion/output measurement and measurements of SAW devices, hybrids and MCMs.
This set offered here consists of 3 probes with the following type numbers:
  • 1 x GS 500 (ground-signal configuration; 500 Ám)
  • 1 x GS 1000 (ground-signal configuration; 1000 Ám)
  • 1 x SG 1000 (signal-ground configuration; 1000 Ám)
  • Bandwith: DC....20 GHz
  • Rise time: 20 ps

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Cascade Microtech Fixed Pitch Compliant Probe (FPC)

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