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Das NIM-Modul 572 beinhaltet einen universellen Verstärker für Energie-Spektroskopie mit allen Arten von Detektoren.
Es bietet unipolare und bipolare Ausgänge mit unipolarer Ausgangsverzögerung (Delay) und ein aktives Filternetzwerk mit einem großen Bereich an Zeitkonstanten sowie einem großen Verstärkungsfaktor von 1 bis 1500.
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English translation of German description:
The Ortec (EG & G) model 572 NIM Amplifier Module is ideally suited for use with germanium detectors, silicon charged-particle detectors, proportional counters, scintillation counters, and pulsed ion chambers. It includes an automatic gated baseline restorer and a built-in pile-up rejector to provide exceptionally stable performance over a very wide dynamic range (1 to 1500). System resolution is nearly independent of input countig rate.
The gated baseline restorer (BLR) includes a discriminator that operates the sensing circuits that normally establish the baseline reference for the MCA. Performance of the spectrometer depends on the precision of the setting of the BLR threshold. The gate logic generates a Busy signal that can be used for dead-time correction.
The active filter networks permit the model 572 to generate very symmetrical unipolar outputs with optimum signal-to-noise ratios over a wide range of time constants. The unipolar output can be internally delayed by 2 Ás via a front-panel control. The instrument also provides a bipolar output for timing and gating applications.
Any DC drift in an amplifier output causes spectrum broadening. The excellent DC stability of the model 572 eliminates spectrum broadening caused by DC drift and ensures that the high-resolution capability of germanium detectors is realized.
The pile-up rejection circuit generates an inspection period immediately following every signal equal to the duration of the Busy output. If a second event were to occur within this inspection interval, an inhibit signal would be generated to gate-off the MCA and thus discard the distorted amplifier output.

Main features at a glance:
  • General purpose amplifier for energy spectroscopy with all types of detectors
  • Built-in pile-up rejector and gated BLR with automatic thresholds for excellent performance at high counting rates
  • Unipolar and bipolar outputs with unipolar output delay
  • Active filter networks with wide range of time constants
  • Wide gain range

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EG&G / Ortec / Ametek 572

Maße/ Dimensions : 30mm (B/W) x 220mm (H/H) x 290mm (T/D)
Gewicht/ Weight: 1,15 kg

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