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Nachrichten- und Übertragungsmesstechnik


Der Anritsu MS09C1 ist ein Voice Band Monitor.
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English translation of German description:
The Anritsu MS09C1 is a Voice Band Monitor, a measuring instrument intended for use in performing level, interruption and impulse noise measurements on voice band data transmission circuits.
It performs these measurements in accordance with CCID recommendations.

The majority of trouble encountered on data transmission circuits is caused by missing data or data error due to interruption or impulse noise and data errors. By continuously measuring the circuit quality, the MS09C1 makes it possible to detect line quality degradation and isolate sections of a data link which are experiencing trouble.

The measurement results are indicated on an LED display as well as output to a built-in printer, thus providing an easy-to-understand record of data line quality variations.

A general-purpose interface bus (GP-IB) is provided as a standard feature to enable the expansion of the basic MS09C1 for applications ranging from small-size data line monitoring systems using a personal computer for control to larger systems used for remote maintenance and monitoring functions.

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Anritsu MS09C1

Maße/ Dimensions : 285mm (B/W) x 185mm (H/H) x 390mm (T/D)
Gewicht/ Weight: 9,05 kg

Ab Stapel / As is:   351,05 INKLUSIV MWST / 295,00 NETTO (appr. US$ .-)

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